Building Student Engagement Through Social Media

Attend this session to learn how the widespread use of social media by students is impacting identity management.

The student services panelists have extensive experience in recruiting and engaging students at their institutions and will share their insights on how social media can be used to build engagement. The technical panelists will describe the mechanics and advantages of social media authorization, including the methods to implement social media into your institution.

Join us and voice your opinion about the various identity issues associated with social media and how they affect the identity management strategies on your campus.

Learn about: strategies, implications and use cases on how to effectively engage students via social media identities and networks.

Panel Participants

Janeen Alliston, Director, Student Communications Services, UBC

Janeen Alliston is responsible for providing vision and leadership for a team of communications, user experience and design professionals tasked with delivering strategic and tactical communications support for the university’s Enrolment Services and Student Development and Services units. Since joining UBC in June of 2011, Janeen has been focused on leading the development of a cross-unit, multi-channel, integrated strategic communications plan aimed at delivering meaningful, coordinated and innovative communications to encourage student engagement and positively impact the student experience. Prior to joining UBC, Janeen was the Manager, Student Recruitment and Client Services within the Marketing and Communications Department at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, General Studies and a Master of Arts in Adult Education from the University of British Columbia.

Allison Lambert, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, SFU

Allison Lambert is responsible for developing the communication and marketing strategies, programs, and initiatives for the Department of Residence and Housing as well as Conference and Guest Accommodations at Simon Fraser University. This includes branding initiatives for SFU Residence and Housing; recruitment advertising for potential and current students; and promotional activities to internal and external stakeholders, such as conference attendees and guests; through various channels including social media.

Allison holds a diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing from Okanagan University College, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communications from SFU. Currently working on her Master of Education in Higher Educational Leadership at SFU, Allison is choosing to focus her research on social media, websites, and the student experience.

Michael Boronowski, Acting Manager – Student Recruitment and Client Services, BCIT

Michael Boronowski leads recruitment work at BCIT, where he is responsible for strategy, and tactics for engaging with prospective students across all channels. He comes to the role after work in broadcasting, student recruitment, web development, and consulting in the not for profit and cooperative sectors. He is a nerd, digital media addict, and honoured to be included on the panel. tweets @mvboronowski

Steve Hillman, IT Architect, SFU

Steve Hillman is an IT Architect in the Infrastructure division of IT Services at Simon Fraser University. He is currently responsible for the overall architecture of the administrative and academic computing systems at the university, and is involved in Disaster/Business Continuity Planning for those systems. Steve has worked at the university for over 20 years, and has managed the central Unix systems and Email infrastructure for the last 11. He has managed BCNET’s servers for the past 10 years.

Corey Scholefield, Team Lead, Identity and Access Management. Services, UVIC

Corey’s current role with the University Systems Identity and Access Mgmt. unit includes both operational and design responsibilities. Corey is developing an enterprise identity management architecture at UVic which includes systems that support:

Corey’s 12-year career at UVic has also included work as a Unix Systems Administrator with University Systems, and with UVic Libraries. Corey has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from UVic.

Patric Lougheed, Instructional Technologist, Learning Systems, University Systems, UVIC


Panel Discussion

Intended Audience 

General: Faculty, Staff, Students, identity management, social media

Session Duration

90 minutes

Session Schedule

Wednesday, May 2nd
9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
Terasen Theatre (1800)


Leo de Sousa