Examining Art through Telepresence and Remote Sensing

Have you ever wondered how artwork can be transcribed and understood via network technologies (ie: telepresence and remote sensing)? Telepresence is a type of technology that allows the user to feel as if they are present at a place other than their true location. This session will touch on four artistic projects that utilize various forms of remote sensing and telepresence. The artworks include Stephen Kelly’s “Open Tuning (WaveUp)“, Andrew Chartier’s “Mount Orford Autopsy Odyssey“, Stelarc’s “Prosthetic Head“, and Will Pappenheimer’s – “Here For You“.

By examining works by these artists, it will spark thoughtful conversations on how technology is used to express artwork and how the art pieces can be interpreted through a network (internet/phone). Don’t miss this session because there will be an on-site demonstration using various forms of remote sensing and telepresence to display, and demonstrate artwork that you may not have seen before!


Doug Buis, Professor, TRU



Presentation & Demo

Intended Audience 

General Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

Session Duration

60 minutes

Session Schedule

Tuesday, May 1st
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Canfor Room (1600)


James Rout