Social Media for Teaching and Learning

With the ever-growing social media network permeating our past, present and future experiences as well, one must wonder “How does social media impact higher education”?

This session will cite use cases and examples to explore the concerns and issues stemming from the use of social media on-campus. Using real life examples, Grant Potter will discuss how social media networks are used for teaching and learning; and how these networks act as a platform to connect students and educators alike.

Attend this presentation to learn how social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube) influence the way professors teach in the classroom and how they ultimately affect our society’s education.

Learn About: Implications, effects, and user experiences on using social media to teach in higher education institutions


Grant Potter, e-Learning Coordinator, UNBC

Grant has been pursing research and development of educational technologies in secondary and post-secondary sectors for the last 14 years through his work in the Canadian Arctic, China, and BC and currently oversees educational technology initiatives with the UNBC Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. Grant has presented many keynote addresses, presentations, seminars, and workshops at national and international conferences exploring educational technology for teaching and learning.

Nick Thornton, Student, UBC

Matthew Lee, Student, UBC



Intended Audience 

General: Faculty, Staff, students in social media; communications

Session Duration

30 minutes

Session Schedule

Tuesday, May 1st
4:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Can Pacific Room (1530)


Grant Potter