Digital Infrastructure and the Future – An Update from the IT Infrastructure Advisory Committee

Join BCNET’s IT Infrastructure Advisory Committee, an inter-institutional collaboration of network engineers from campuses across B.C., to discuss BCNET’s latest IT infrastructure projects, mainly focusing on the exciting progression of shared IT services.

Find out about the wave of IT infrastructure’s future, as the Committee explains the genesis and aspirations for the BCNET Shared Data Centre System as well as the possibilities for the developing practice of shared IT purchases amongst research and higher education institutions, ranging from a shared e-mail service plan, to a shared virtual server service and storage pricing.

Come contribute your ideas and opinions at this session!

Panel Participants

Oliver Grüter-Andrew, Chief Information Officer, IT Services, University of British Columbia

Oliver Grüter-Andrew, has been an IT professional for 18 years with a wide range of experiences. For 15 years, he worked at Accenture, where he became a Partner before leaving in 2008. During this time he lived and worked in Europe as well as in Canada, was a consultant in IT strategies and transformation, and also built significant experience running large IT departments. Between 2003 and 2008, Oliver ran several IT service groups within Accenture, on behalf of some of the firm’s outsourcing clients, including BC Hydro, Terasen Gas and Best Buy Canada.

In September 2009, he became the Chief Information Officer of the University of British Columbia, where he has launched a comprehensive IT transformation program.

Oliver, his wife and two children have made their home in Vancouver since 1998.

Michael Hrybyk, President and CEO, BCNET

Michael Hrybyk actively oversees and manages the operations of the society and is responsible for implementing the overall mission and vision of BCNET. Mike pioneered the concept of transit exchanges as a method of linking research and education networks to their local communities as well as to national and international peers. He has been an active member of the technology community in the U.S. and Canada and has been recognized for his efforts in helping to develop the Canadian Internet.

In 2003, he received a BC Information Technology Builder Award, and in 2002 was recognized by the University Presidents’ Council for his work creating advanced networks for B.C.’s universities. In 1997, he was named as a builder of Canada’s information society by CANARIE and Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

Michael Thorson, Director of IT Infrastructure, University of British Columbia

Michael Thorson has over 20 years in the computer industry, with experience in technology management, training, programming, systems and storage management. He gained this work experience with the U.S. Army, a large law firm in Virginia, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, and currently at the University of British Columbia, where he is the Director of Infrastructure in UBC IT. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from St Leo College, with a concentration in Computer Information Systems.

Ron Kozsan, Director of Infrastructure Services, University of Victoria

Ron Kozsan obtained his BSc in Computer Science from UVic in 1987, and has worked in Information Systems and Telecommunications since. Ron has experience in numerous sectors including big industry, big government, big telecomm, health care and, most recently, higher education. Over the years his attention has shifted from industrial process control, to workstation and unix systems administration, to telecommunications management. Despite this apparent back-room emphasis, he is also involved in customer service and sales. Ron returned to UVic in the spring of 2004 to work for Network Services, and is now the Director of Infrastructure Services. Ron is the Chair of Voice over Internet Protocol working group.


Glen Montgomery, Manager of Enterprise Infrastructure, University of Northern British Columbia

Glen Montgomery has been paid to play with information technology for over 20 years. After graduating from Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan, he spent the first part of his career working in application development and systems administration for a global forestry company. The next part of his career was spent in higher education in the field of network administration. Currently he is the Manager of Infrastructure Services at UNBC.

 Wesley Cole, Manager of Network & Technical Services, Thompson Rivers University

Sean Walsh, Manager of Technical Infrastructure Services (IT), British Columbia Institute of Technology

Lorenzo Costantino, Director of Network Services, Simon Fraser University


Panel Discussion

Intended Audience

Technical, IT

Session Duration

60 Minutes

Session Schedule

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012

1:00-2:00 p.m.

Labatt Hall (1700)


Oliver Grüter-Andrew