Building the ‘Zero-Energy’ DataCentre – Best Practices and Future Developments

Following the increased demand for HPC resources and “The Cloud” exponential expansion, servers and datacenters are now consuming more than 1.5% of the total US electricity production. While enhanced datacenter efficiency and metrics like PUE have brought forward significant improvement, we must now envision game-changing innovations, fostering smart cooling, heat re-use, renewable energy sources, and full lifecycle sustainability. This workshop will keep the audience abreast of the latest trends in HPC energy efficiency, lay out the state of the practice and then expand into future ideas towards the minimization of a datacenter resources consumption, all the way to zero environmental footprint.


Nicolas Dubé, Hewlett-Packard

Nicolas Dube is a Master Technologist working on strategic engagements within the HyperScale Business Unit at Hewlett-Packard. He is chartered with the architecture of superscale systems for both HPC customers and service providers. He also works on HP’s next generation computing platform design, leveraging a combined experience in server and datacenter engineering. Member of the GreenGrid and other energy efficiency groups, Nicolas advocates for a “greener” IT industry, leveraging warm water cooling, heat re-use and low carbon energy sources while pushing for dramatically more efficient computing platforms.

Natalie Bates, Chair, Energy Efficient HPC Working Group / LBNL

Natalie Bates works with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as Co-chair of the Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Working Group (EE HPC WG). The purpose of the EE HPC WG is to drive implementation of energy conservation measures and energy efficient design in HPC. Natalie’s career spanned twenty years with Intel Corporation where she was a senior manager of highly complex programs taking new products to market, delivering multi-component and multi-partner platforms, and negotiating strategic technical industry initiatives. She was also a strong advocate and effective agent for organizational change, transition and process improvement. She graduated from Reed College in Sociology and studied Electrical Engineering at Sacramento State University.



Individual Presentations

Intended Audience 


Session Duration

90 minutes

Session Schedule

Thursday May 3rd, 2012

12:30-2:00 p.m.

Fletcher Theatre (Room 1900)


Nicolas Dube