How Cloud is Changing the Face (and Future) of HPC

The pervasiveness of cloud computing has made HPC more accessible than ever before. The result? People are experimenting with it and pushing the boundaries of what is capable. This session will explore how researchers are taking advantage of the Cloud to put a new spin on the way they are using HPC and the results they are achieving because of it.



Ron Van Holst, Founder, High Performance Computing Insights Canada


Ron Van Holst is the founder of High Performance Computing Insights Canada and an Executive-in-Residence with the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. He began HPC Insights Canada with the objective of raising the awareness of the competitive value of High Performance Computing (HPC) for Canadian business and provide services to help businesses take advantage of HPC. Ron is an engineer with two and a half decades of experience in advanced computational and communications technologies. HPC can be used to solve engineering, scientific or business problems and each of these come with a unique set of requirements. His research is focused on how HPC product architecture and IT service management processes are mapped into business outcomes, enabling innovation and competitiveness.



Marc Rousseau, System Architect, CBRAIN


Marc Rousseau currently leads a software development team at McGill University which has built a Platform allowing researchers to transparently use remote compute and data resources from the comfort of their Web browser. The current platform spans 12 private and public HPCs, accounting for more than 80,000 CPU cores, and is being used by groups in 14 countries. In the last 12 years, Mr. Rousseau occupied various positions in the industry, such as within IBM Canada and two BioPharmaceuticals companies where he has managed the bioinformatics groups. Graduated from McGill University, Mr. Rousseau has a dual formation in Biochemistry and Computer Sciences. His knowledge of both Life Sciences research and Computer Sciences allows him to renew the too often fragile links between these scientific communities.


Individual Presentations

Intended Audience 


Session Duration

60 minutes

Session Schedule

Tuesday May 1st, 2012

11:00-12:00 p.m.

Labatt Hall (Room 1700)


David Bickle, HPC Solution Specialist, Deep Computing, IBM