Key Challenges in Storing, Collecting and Accessing Research Data

Research data is a major asset for Canadian society. Data preservation and, more importantly, accessibility by a wide community of researchers, are key issues facing government, funding agencies, universities, and the global research community. Vast amounts of data are produced yearly and the way we manage our research data directly affects the stakeholders and their ability to gain long term benefits of using the collected data.

This session will look at guidelines of how cIRcle manages and stores their data files to be re-used or accessed by other researchers. TRIUMF, will expose how they manage scientific data and information from the ATLAS experiment. Population Data BC, included in the panel, will also share their experiences and insights on how they handle their research data.

Attend this panel discussion to learn more about the key challenges associated with implementing a coordinated system to store, collect and most importantly to provide access to large and valuable research data sets. 

Panel Participants

David Schade, Group Leader, National Research Council, Government of Canada

Reda Tafirout, Research Scientist,TRIUMF

Jim Mintha, Systems and Security Lead, Population Data BC

Allan Bell, Senior Director, Library Digital Initiatives, UBC


Panel Discussion

Intended Audience 

General: Researchers, Faculty, & Staff

Session Duration

60 minutes

Session Schedule

Tuesday, May 1st 2012

3:15-4:15 p.m.

Labatt Hall (Room 1700)


David Schade