100 Gigabit Ethernet – What’s New and What’s Next?

We’ll start by talking about recent technology and market developments that are enabling 100 GbE adoption in production networks. Then we’ll look at what’s driving the 2nd generation of 100 GbE, and what is possible beyond 100 GbE.


Greg Hankins, Global Solutions Architect, Brocade

Greg Hankins is a Global Solutions Architect at Brocade, specializing in the IP/MPLS routing product lines. He works with customers around the world as a technology evangelist and consulting engineer. Greg contributed several slides to the IEEE Higher Speed Study Group (HSSG) Call-For-Interest presentation, and was a voting member of the IEEE Working Group and Task Force that developed the 802.3ab standard. He has been a frequent presenter on 100 GbE at service provider and network operator conferences since 2006.

Prior to joining Brocade, Greg held technical marketing and systems engineering positions at Force10 Networks and Riverstone Networks, and network engineering positions at MindSpring Enterprises and Georgia Tech. Greg holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in computer science from Georgia Tech with a concentration in computer networking.


Speaker Presentation

Intended Audience


Session Duration

30 Minutes

Session Schedule

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

11:30-12:00 p.m.

Can Pacific Policy (Room 1530)


Clarence Lee, Client Services Manager, BCNET