100G Networking in Metro and Core Networks – One Size Does Not Fit All

100G transport is one of the hot topics in networking today. But when it comes to transporting 100G outside the data center over distances beyond 10km 100G coherent/serial solutions seem to be the only option. This approach makes sense in Carrier Core Networks where fiber is rare and a wavelength has to be used most efficiently. But unfortunately it does not address the cost points and simplicity requirements that Enterprise customers and data center operators are looking for.

This presentation will explore alternative routes and technologies which are able to solve the distance problem while at the same time addressing the required cost points (as well as power and space requirements). After attending this session you will have learned that, like in real life, there is no “one size fits all” solution that can address all the different issues and requirements of 100G networking.


Todd Bundy, Director Global Alliances, Applications and Solutions-Enterprise, ADVA Optical Networking

Todd Bundy has 26 years of experience in the storage networking industry. He is a recognized expert in SAN and optical networking, and specializes in storage applications over various types of networks to meet corporate contingency plans.

Throughout his career, Todd has participated in many successful large-scale Disaster Recovery and Data Center Consolidation projects with companies like IBM, EMC, HDS, HP and SUN using ADVA FSP (Fibre Service Platform) WDM technology.

In his work with ADVA Optical Networking, Todd is helping support new standards in optical storage networking like 8G and 16G Fibre Channel, 5G and 10G InfiniBand and 10G and 40G FCoE/DCB (FibreChannel over Enhanced Ethernet). In pursuit of new operating standards, he leads ADVA Optical Networking’s interoperability programs to support the infrastructure intelligence needed to take “Cloud Computing” to the next level.

Todd has a degree in Communications and Business Administration from Boston College.


Speaker Presentation

Intended Audience


Session Duration

30 Minutes

Session Schedule

Tuesday May 1st, 2012

5:00-5:30 p.m.

Can Pacific Room (Room 1530)


Clarence Lee, Client Services Manager, BCNET