Will SDN or OpenFlow Help Bridge the Application – Network Divide?

Network infrastructure importance is continuously growing. SDN in general and OpenFlow in particular will help address certain challenges faced with networking. It is worthwhile to step back and determine what the big-picture problem is to be solved. This talk wil cover Juniper’s strategy in this area and how networking needs applications, and applications need networking.


Nils Swart, Director Product Strategy, Innovation, Juniper Networks

Nils defines strategies for new innovations on Junos such as network programmability. In this role both strategy and technology are paired to deliver prototypes quickly to specific customers for testing and validation. Technologies in the SDN space such as OpenFlow, BGP-TE, ALTO and PCE are on the fore front of current activities. Prior roles at Juniper include product line manager for MX-series hardware and Carrier Ethernet, technology consultant for Carrier Ethernet, and pre-sales systems engineering. Before joining Juniper in January 2004, Nils worked for five years designing and operating national and international IP/MPLS networks for several European service providers. His background in both telco and vendor environments brings a combined technical and business view on the telecommunications market.



Speaker Presentation

Intended Audience


Session Duration

30 Minutes

Session Schedule

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

10:00-10:30 a.m.

Canfor Policy Room (Room 1600)


Clarence Lee, Client Services Manager, BCNET