This Monumental Shift – Exploring the Future of Behaviour, Technology, the Web and Canada’s Place in it

Historical Context - Understanding the major technological and behavioral changes that have brought us to what is arguably the most reformative time in human history

Unrecognizable - Due to these changes, human beings, across all generations have changed more in their behavior in the last 15 years  than at any other point in human history.  We are almost unrecognizable.

Behavioural Change -  Human beings have truly evolved. Here, we examine the evolution and division between the virtual and physical self and how most businesses completely miss the virtual side. Why is this important?  Because we spend the vast majority of time interacting with others in our virtual self and people are constantly speaking the wrong language to the wrong person. One of the largest failures of marketing, HR and sales over the last 5 years

Misfits  -  Our entire world is based on the physical person, mostly based on Industrial Revolution concepts that don’t fit the pixelated identity of the virtual self. Most of the major institutions that govern our lives are destined for incredible failure over the next few years from HR to Marketing to Education

The Next 365 Days - What are the technological advances and changes that are going to be most impactful over the next year? Things that every executive or manager is going to have to watch very closely and use to their advantage

Tomorrow - What people can do to make concrete changes in their work and personal lives first thing the next day to ensure they are keeping up with and mastering these changes.

Leonard Brody, Business and Technology Visionary

Leonard Brody has been called “a controversial leader of the new world order.” He is a highly respected entrepreneur, venture capitalist, bestselling author and a two-time Emmy nominated media visionary who has been through one of the largest internet IPOs in history.

A co-founder of user-generated news powerhouse; the President of Clarity Digital Group, one of the largest online news conglomerates in the world; and an advisor to venture capital funds and companies and governments around the world, Leonard is a highly sought after speaker who addresses everything from how technology will continue to revolutionize the workplace and workforce to how corporations can use challenges to steer them toward innovation and growth.


Plenary Presentation

Target Audience


Session Duration

60 minutes

Session Schedule

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Fletcher Theatre (Room 1900)

Overflow: Labatt Hall (Room 1700)